Don RichardsonDon Richardson is an internet marketing consultant who promotes businesses in the marketplace locally and nationally.  His background is in the event planning industry as a professional chef, event coordinator, logistics coordinator and program director. Don has also worked with national brands on product development, supply chain distribution and procurement.

Many small business owners have the desire to grow their own business. They are focused on their specialty or craft and are incredibly talented! We offer advice, guidance and experience focused on each company’s particular goals. Digital Popcorn Marketing features specialized SEO and Internet Marketing Services.

Don is a Certified Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert and can help you get started with email marketing. He also presents on marketing strategies and topics for business and non-profits.

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Your Website…

How does your website look to the search engines?  You may be VERY surprised.  If your website uses Flash, you may want to reconsider after we take a look at it together from the eyes of the Google.  How does your website look on a smartphone, tablet device, older computer or brand new computer?

You have a website and maybe even have had it for a while now. Your site used to bring in business but now, it just doesn’t have the amount of visitors that you would like.  Is not bringing in the amount of sales that you would like. You may be paying for online, print or directory advertising and don’t know how effective it really is for your business. These are all areas to check into regarding the effectiveness of your website. Make the most of your marketing investment.

Search Engines…

Here are just a few things that we look at under the hood of your website.

  • What does your website look through the eyes of Google?
  • Can the search engines find all of the pages on your website?
  • Is the website structure helping or hurting your visibility and keyword rankings?
  • Are you doing everything you can to make sure that your website is “Search Engine Friendly”?

How Does Your Website Look in the Eyes of the Buyer?

  • Is it clean, fresh and inviting?
  • Is the text easy to read?
  • Do the photos load quickly?
  • How does your website look in comparison to your competitors?
  • You have three to five seconds to make an impression on Google and the visitor to your website.
  • Do you make it extremely easy for visitors to contact you?
  • Can a visitor to your website share your information easily with the use of social sharing buttons?
  • Can they find you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest with just a click?

Education is Key

Education is key.  Educating the website visitor helps them to make a buying decision. They may not even know the questions to ask, where to start or what they should know.  As an expert in your field, you are in the position of assisting them along the way to a great business relationship.  It also helps to keep a visitor on your website exploring all of the useful information, great photos and blog posts that you have provided.

Be the resource that your visitor is looking for to help them in the discovery process.

Does Your Business Website Generate Business?

  • Are you getting leads from your website?
  • Are you making the most of regular business cycles to promote your goods and services?
  • Do you have a plan for your website to promote goods and services throughout the year through the use of an editorial / publishing calendar?


Be sure to get references for candidates that you consider for optimizing your website, helping you to market your business or providing goods and services. Styles, customer service and experience levels vary.

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